Wood-Fired Stoves for Colorado

In the higher areas of Colorado the temperature isn’t just low in winter, but low all year round –
and comfortably below freezing through winter and beyond.

It’s no surprise that everyone who lives in Colorado has opinions on the best way to heat their home,
in terms of cost, comfort, and much more.

ESSE’s hundred and sixty-plus years of experience designing and making cast-iron wood-fired stoves and cookers
allows them to offer a special additional perspective.

Modern Technology Rooted in Heritage

ESSE’s 990 Wood-Fired Cooker, for example, incorporates slam-shut doors and hinge stops into its design, preventing
the oven doors from crashing open and ensuring they’ll close without extra steps on your part – perfect when your hands are
full of roasting tin or baking loaves.

It’s suitable for continuous burning and boasts three ovens, each of which can be maintained at different temperatures –
perfect for a family feast at Thanksgiving, especially with each oven being designed for large capacity.

Atop that sits another ESSE innovation, a six-pan-strong hotplate which allows you to get different heats on different pans
simply by moving them up and down the scale.

Another favourite is the ESSE Ironheart multi fuel cook stove. Like the 990, it can heat the room it’s in constantly as well
as providing cooking support, and even spread some heat to rooms beyond.

Unlike the 990, it can be installed in your living room as well as in your kitchen, and its design reflects that,
with a firebox suitable for toasting marshmallows as well as a high-capacity deep oven and hotplate suitable for six pans –
perfect in the oven or at tableside!