Wood Fired Stoves for Alaska

Residents of Alaska come from all walks of life, but every one of them knows that a limited infrastructure can create problems, either when extreme weather takes out power lines or when supplies grow short.

In either case, it’s a great relief to know you can still both heat your home and cook filling, nutritious and delicious meals – and the best way to ensure that is an ESSE cook stove.

Gather Round the Hearth

The hearth is the centre of the home, and never more so than when it’s also the best way to cook. The ESSE 990 Wood-Fired Cooker is the crowning glory of any kitchen lucky enough to hold one, with its three high-capacity ovens, each able to operate at a different temperature to the others, and six-pan-capacity hotplate (with a heat gradient allowing you to easily change the temperature of the pan by sliding it along the hotplate).

Suitable for continuous burning and incorporating innovative modern technology alongside the sturdy, long-lasting cast iron craftsmanship ESSE has built a reputation for over more than a hundred and sixty years, the 990 is a fantastic wood-fired cooker.

In contrast, the ESSE Ironheart Multi Fuel Cook Stove can be installed in your kitchen – or in place of your hearth in your living room or dining room, so it can keep dishes hot and ready for second helpings during dinner without whisking them out of easy reach.

Its dog-bone cast iron hotplate can handle anything from a whistling kettle or a bowl of proving dough to six pans, and its high-capacity oven can bake bread or cook a large family meal – all while it keeps the family warm.

Alaskan snow with dog sled