Wood Fired Ovens for Prince Edward Island

With home heating fuel exempt from Prince Edward Island’s retail sales tax, using a wood-fired stove or cooker can be a great way to
reduce your energy bills overall while providing a luxurious feeling of warmth in comparison to many conventional heating systems.

Cooking While Cosy

ESSE have been designing ovens and stoves for over a hundred and sixty years, and they bring to each new design the same dedicated work ethic and hard-wearing,
reliable build quality that’s characterised their brand since the start.

The 990 wood-fired cooker is a fantastic example of their ability to bring heritage right up to date, boasting three large ovens all of which can be set at different temperatures,
using heat-surround technology – meaning you never need to worry about which shelf to use or have to remember to turn them.

Its slam-shut doors are another modern innovation which, together with the hinge stops, make using the doors while holding your roast dinner or any other bulky foodstuff startlingly easy.

Suitable for continuous burning, the 990 will keep your kitchen and beyond warm at all times, and is also very quick to heat to the required temperature.

Also available is the Ironheart Multi Fuel Cook Stove, designed to celebrate 150 years of ESSE, which is equally at home in the kitchen or the living room. Cook by the table or keep dishes warm while heating the room easily, the Ironheart has enough capacity to cook a full roast in the oven with six pans on the hotplate, but it’s just at home being used to prove your dough, toast marshmallows, or boil your kettle.