Wood Fired Ovens for Alberta

As a company that has been designing ovens and stones for over one hundred and sixty years, there’s no doubt that when you’re
looking for a luxurious wood-fired stove to heat your warm in a traditional and characterful manner, ESSE should be your first port of call.

Homely Heating, Classic Cooking

Adding a dash of heritage to your home, ESSE provide quality cookers and stoves to Alberta. Our range combines a conventional
style cooker with enough technological advancements to ensure that they are the perfect blend of practical and stylish.
Beautifully traditional, remarkably functional, and reliably hard-wearing, there is nothing better than an ESSE cooker.

Take for example the Ironheart Multi Fuel Cook Stove. Designed to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of ESSE, the Ironheart
brings all those years of experience to the forefront in one functional, elegant design. As well as its capacity to take multifuel
wood or smokeless coal, the Ironheart boasts a significant oven capacity that can take full roasts, a sizable hotplate that can take six pans,
and a heat output of up to 9.7wm.

An alternative would be the 990 wood-fired cooker, which boasts 3 large capacity ovens which can maintain separate temperatures,
allowing you as much flexibility as possible. The doors are all slam-shut, meaning that you have as much manoeuvrability when it
comes to moving hot trays in and out of the ovens. Quick to heat and easy to maintain, the 990 is an oven that brings a touch of character
and class wherever it is installed.

Whatever your choice, you will find yourself drawn to a warm and relaxing state as your home fills with the warm smells of
wood smoke and your favourite meals cooked in these fantastic means. There truly is no compromise when it comes to tradition,
so let’s choose your perfect cooker today.