Wood-Burning Stoves and Ovens for New York

New York State’s diverse geography includes one of the world’s foremost cities, mountains upstate and even major valleys
tying to the Great Lakes, with a wide mix of urban and rural locales.

Wherever you are in the state, however, there are some things that are universal – and one of them is how much more homely
and comfortable a place can be with a source of warmth rather than just heat.

A wood-fired stove or oven will provide the kind of warmth needed, while also making dinner easier and quicker to cook.

ESSE’s stoves and ovens are the perfect fit.

The Best Choices

The ESSE Ironheart Multi Fuel Cook Stove can be installed in the kitchen of living room. Taking design cues from ESSE’s
sixteen decades of heritage, the construction and technology used is absolutely up to date.

Boasting a spacious oven and a hotplate capable of supporting six pans (at various temperatures) simultaneously,
it’ll keep your room warm and makes anything from toasting marshmallows to cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner simple.

By contrast, the 990 Wood-Fired Cooker is designed for kitchen use alone.

With three ovens, all with large capacity, and a hotplate that once again can handle six pans at once, there may be no better
item for handling large family meals of any kind. The ovens boast heat-surround technology, meaning you never have to turn
dishes or worry about which shelf to cook them on – you can even use the oven base.

A combination of slam-shut door technology and hinge stops make the oven doors easy to handle even when weight down
with a heavier load than you’d want.