Maine is a wonderful state when it comes to relaxing environs. If being surrounded by cozy woodlands is your thing, Maine boasts the highest percent of forested land than any state, with the north of Maine alone covered by 12 million acres.

That’s to say nothing of its rugged coastline, famed for its maritime history, lobsters and lighthouses. When you’re looking for somewhere that’s idyllic and comfortable, truly there’s no place quite like Maine.

So it makes sense to make this already picturesque location even more picture perfect. For your ideal Maine home, bring it all together with the welcoming warmth of a wood-burning stove or oven. A traditional means of cooking and heating at unmatched quality, ESSE’s stoves are second to none.

Making The Pine Tree State Perfect

For a state so steeped in heritage, there’s no better finishing touch to your beautiful Maine home than an ESSE oven. There’s nothing quite like the thorough and constant warmth filling your home that comes from an ESSE stove, and there’s bound to be something that befits your home.

For instance, the 990 Wood-Fired Cooker is perfect for the full house that needs a full kitchen. The three separate ovens have a surprisingly large capacity that means that your family meals are going to be cooked without compromise, regardless of the size.

ESSE’s heat-surround technology means that once your meal is in, it can stay in without any need to turn your trays. On top of this – quite literally – the 990 has a hotplate so large that it can handle six pans at once. This is not so much a finishing touch, rather the ESSE 990 is the kind of stove kitchens were made for.

However if you needed something a little more compact for the heart of your home, you need look no further than the Ironheart. Perfect to add a dash of tradition to any home, the ESSE Ironheart provides a gas cooker that looks and feels as homely as a wood-burning stove.

The hotplate is just as roomy as the 990, easily fitting six pans, but its single oven means that it is perfect for more compact spaces. Don’t worry, with the Ironheart there’s no compromise when it comes to heat output – it heats up quick for those cold winter mornings.