Wood-Burning Ovens for Vermont

A little-known fact is that the Vermont climate is roughly on a par with the climate in Minsk or Stockholm.
What’s much more widely known is that the state’s winters are famously ‘too cold to snow’.

In a state like Vermont, keeping your home not just heated but warm is something everyone can understand,
and that everyone takes seriously.

A Classic Solution Updated

The British firm ESSE have been designing and building wood-burning stoves and ovens for over a hundred and sixty years,
and their products are a mixture of heritage and innovation that make them highly appealing to householders across the state.
It’s important to know your home will stay beautifully comfortable throughout.

The ESSE 990 Wood-Fired Cooker is a perfect example of ESSE innovation in classic, dependable craftsmanship.
With no fewer than three spacious ovens, all capable of maintaining different temperatures – and deeper than they are wide,
to minimise heat lost when doors open – and a dogbone hotplate which can support up to six pans at a time,
it’s also perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other major family meals.

Because it also heats the room (and beyond) it’s very quick to heat your ovens to the desired temperature, meaning that
the 990 doesn’t just heat your house – it makes every cooking task easy, from major meals down to a quick snack.

Also available is the Ironheart Multi-Fuel Cook Stove, which can be fitted in the kitchen or living room and which has the
capacity to cook a full meal – or keep it warm for second helpings at tableside. As with the 990, it boasts a hotplate capable of
supporting up to six pans simultaneously, but equally at home boiling a kettle as night draws in and cocoa is called for.

Any ESSE product is designed and built to last, incorporating modern design innovations within a solid foundation that will run and run.
Once one’s in place in your home, how you heat your home and cook becomes a solved problem, not just in your life but on into your children’s.