Wood-Burning Cookers for North Dakota Homes & Restaurants

North Dakota leads the United States in job creation, and with burgeoning agricultural and food processing industries the state’s economic bedrock is strong and fit to carry heavy economic development.

With that pattern established, it’s easy to see why North Dakota households are looking at good investments to make for their comfort now and into the future – and why ESSE wood-burning cookers and stoves have become a talking-point in the state.

Innovation Wrapped in Heritage

Built on a hundred and sixty years’ experience, ESSE’s modern cookers combine the aesthetic, cast iron construction, and sturdy durability they’ve always had with a host of modern innovations. An ESSE product is designed to be used daily and to last the family that buys one for generations.

Take the ESSE Ironheart multi-fuel cook stove. Designed for use in the kitchen or the living room, the Ironheart will keep the room toasty and warm – but there’s enough room in its capacious oven to cook a full roast with all the trimmings and the hotplate can handle anything from boiling a kettle to handling six pans at once, with temperatures controlled simply by sliding them from left to right on a sliding scale.

It’s perfect for cooking or for keeping your Thanksgiving extra helpings and desserts piping hot while the first course is enjoyed.

With that said, it’s hard to imagine an equal for the ESSE 990 wood-fired cooker as a Thanksgiving cooker – or any big family gathering, or even restaurant!

Boasting three separate high-capacity ovens, each of which can be kept at a different temperature, its slam shut doors and hinge stops make it easy to operate even when your hands are full of dishes and its dogbone hotplate equals the Ironheart’s six-pan capacity. Those ovens are deep, making for minimal heat loss – a feature much beloved of professional chefs!

There’s no better way to keep everyone well-fed and comfortable than an ESSE cooker, and there’s no better way to know you’ll never need to replace your cooker than to turn to the house of heritage.