Cast Iron Cookers and Stoves for Quebec

Quebec’s location subjects it the effects of multiple storm systems, driving in from the Atlantic Ocean and the core of North America. Coupled with the predominantly subarctic climate of much of the province and you produce both the beautiful scenery of ‘la belle province’ and the tendency to long, cold winters with heavy snowfall.

A good central heating system will keep the cold out, but they don’t always give you that satisfying feeling of being warm and snug.

British manufacturer ESSE has been making wood-burning stoves and cookers for over a hundred and fifty years, and the heritage they draw on has never stopped them from adding modern innovations.

Their designs will keep a room and more warm while also allowing you to cook a full dinner and more.

For example, the ESSE Ironheart is a multi-fuel cook stove designed to fit in your kitchen or your hearth. The spacious oven has enough room for a full roast – with six pans on the hotplate – and can keep your food warm for second helpings as you eat. You can toast marshmallows in the firebox, prove dough around the edges, or even boil the kettle for coffee or hot chocolate as you sit around and enjoy the warmth.

Also available is the ESSE 990 wood-fired cooker. With three individual ovens, all of which can be kept at different temperatures, and a spacious hotplate that can hold over six pans – with a heat gradient allowing you to change temperature by moving the pan – this is a fantastic design much loved by professional chefs and families alike.

You can leave it continuously burning to heat the room, meaning that getting an oven to the right temperature takes much less time, and the slam-shut door and hinge stop technology built into the design make it safer and easier to operate.

With a 19-colour enamel collection complementing a striking matte black look, there’s an ESSE 990 for any kitchen – and once you try using one you’ll never want to stop.

A heritage of innovation and robust design makes the ESSE stove and cooker range a true household name.