Wood Burning Stoves for Ontario

As Canada’s most populous province and the heart of much of the nation’s energy infrastructure, Ontario is a well-supported area for electricity and other support, making an ESSE stove an alternative method of cooking food and heating your home rather than a failsafe for outages.

However, those Ontario residents who are on Hydro One’s Smart Grid Initiative or any other emerging smart grid may find there are direct economic benefits to installing an ESSE as well as the improvements in quality of life and comfort.

How can ESSE stoves and cookers help Smart Grid customers?

Smart Grid energy supplies are designed to ensure that energy users pay for exactly what they use, and to provide enough data for more accurate, precise tariffs. By letting your ESSE Ironheart Cook Stove or ESSE 990 Wood-Fired Cooker heat your house and handle the cooking, you can significantly reduce your grid energy consumption and thus reduce your expenditure on the Smart Grid substantially, assuming you have good access to a supply of firewood.

At the same time you’ll be able to enjoy the constant warmth and comfort radiating from your new cooker or stove, and reaping the benefits of never needing to wait for the oven to heat up before it’s ready for use.

The modern design and innovation packed into the traditional aesthetic of the ESSE brand makes their products a great way to stay warm – really warm – and comfortable year-round under any conditions; the benefits for those on the SGI or similar programs are an added benefit.

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