Wood-burning Stoves for Newfoundland and Labrador

The most easterly of Canada’s provinces is also, arguably, one of its most unusual, with the city of St John’s dominating the population distribution to an unparalleled extent. Outside the city, infrastructure is strong – but as with much of our North, having alternative heating, light and cooking options in place is still recommended, as outages are not unheard of.

ESSE’s stoves and ovens handle two of those at once. The Ironheart multi-fuel cook stove, which burns wood or smokeless coal, and the 990 Wood-Fired Cooker are both designed in the tradition of old stoves which heat the room and even the house they’re in while providing room to cook – but with technology incorporated that brings them right up to date.

With the 990’s slam-shut, easy access doors there’s no need to worry about fiddling with door handles while your hands are full, and the capacity of the ovens makes it easy to cook full meals for everyone without overcrowding them.

 These stoves will keep you comfortably warm no matter what the conditions outside, even when your electrical supply fails you – and you can cook with them, too. All this is wrapped up in elegant traditional designs which add a touch of class and heritage even to the most modern of kitchens, without looking out of place.

Also available is the Fire Stone outdoor wood oven, which can be built directly onto a walled feature or set up on a pivoting pedestal you can turn away from the wind while lighting. A highly efficient oven, it can cook a pizza in just two minutes but also bakes, braises, char-grills and roasts as appropriate – and the flavour of the wood will enhance the taste.