Wood Burning Stoves for New Brunswick

Home to many multinational forestry companies, New Brunswick is certainly a province that knows the value of its wood.
With that in mind, it’s no surprise that wood-burning stoves and cookers are so popular throughout the province; by bringing in your heating fuel from local sellers, an environmentally conscious family can reduce their carbon footprint even while reaping the benefits and the sheer pleasure of the radiant warmth that an ESSE stove gives out.

Currently we offer three of this British company’s designs, built on a hundred and sixty years’ heritage and designed with the best
of modern technology.

What’s Available?

Our best sellers in New Brunswick – and, in fact, across Canada – are the two designs intended for indoor use.
The Ironheart multi-fuel cook stove is designed either to be used as part of your kitchen or to be placed in your home’s hearth, providing a satisfying warmth throughout your living room and allowing you to set snacks to bake as you enjoy your family’s evening.
You can prove dough nearby before you bake it, boil a kettle on the hotplate, or push it to capacity to cook a full roast in the oven accompanied by six pans across the hotplate.

The ESSE 990 wood-fired cooker adds a touch of traditional beauty to any kitchen – and boasts three large ovens,
all of which can be run at different temperatures.
With ESSE’s heat-surround technology you don’t even need to turn dishes – they’ll enjoy the same heat all round,
providing a smooth, even cook.

That’s one of the reasons that professional chefs love the 990’s ovens, but the depth of them – deeper while wide – is another reason, as little heat is lost when the doors are opened.

They boast slam-shut doors and hinge stops, giving you easy control over the doors, and the 6-pan capacity hotplate boasts a heat gradient allowing you to adjust the heat at which pans cook just by moving them to a different position.

It goes without saying, of course, that the 990 can easily keep the kitchen warm, and that as it’s suitable for continuous burning, you don’t need to wait long for your oven to be heated ready to cook!

We also offer the Fire Stone outdoor wood oven, which gives wood-fired flavour and richness to anything you cook with it – and makes whole roasted chickens and pizzas part of a barbecue meal! It can be supplied oven only to be built into or onto a wall feature or as a pivoting model which can be turned away from the wind when lighting.