Wood-Burning Stoves for Manitoba

Wood-burning stoves and cookers can be a great way to keep your whole house warm even in the depths of winter – even in subarctic northern Manitoba.

ESSE is a British company which has been designing and building cast-iron wood-burning stoves, cookers and cook-stoves for over 150 years. The overall look and appearance of almost all of their products hearkens back to that tradition, but the technology incorporated into ESSE stoves – and used in their design – is state-of-the-art, an example of the company’s guiding ethos of innovation within tradition.

For example, the ESSE 990 wood-fired cooker has the classic, elegant lines of something that could have been made at any point in the company’s history – but the slam-shut doors mean you can easily close a hot door with an elbow or even a foot when your hands are full taking something out of the oven, without worrying that they might rebound, hinge stops make sure the doors won’t swing open wider than expected, and the hotplate has a well-designed heat gradient which lets you adjust the temperature of any pans on it by sliding them along the plate.

The 990 is designed for continuous burning, giving your kitchen and the surroundings a cosy warmth and glow from the glass inner door that you can depend on no matter what.

You might prefer the Ironheart multi-fuel cook-stove. Designed in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary, it builds on their expertise in creating multi-fuel stoves and in producing traditional range cookers, and can handle a full roast- with six pans on the hotplate – or be used simply to heat the room around it while you relax. We’ve even seen people toast marshmallows in the privacy of their own home!

For those looking for something a little different, we also offer the Fire Stone, a wood-burning outdoor oven that adds smokehouse pizza and char-grilled chicken, among many others, to your barbecue and outdoor party options. Best of all, it can be mounted as a pedestal model, with a pivot -so you can turn it away from the wind when you light it or turn it to the table, giving you a clear view of how the next course is cooking while you eat.