British Columbia

While BC is known for its mild coastal climate, winters in the Northern Interior especially are cold enough to for anyone. Modern building techniques can keep some of the worst out, but nothing really gives you that feeling of warmth and comfort like an ESSE stove.

That’s no hollow boast; the Ironheart, for example, fills the room it’s in and more with welcome heat but also radiates a tangible warmth and comfort – and, of course, you can cook with it, too. An Ironheart can handle six pans on the hotplate and a full roast in the oven, or be put to as simple a use as proving dough and, shortly afterward, baking fresh, crusty loaves of bread.

Also tremendously useful for both heat and for cooking is the ESSE 990 Wood-Fired Cooker. While, unlike the Ironheart, it burns only wood without the option to burn coal, the 990 can comfortably heat an entire room while the three large ovens are the stuff of dreams for home chefs, offering incredible flexibility and space to create the most amazing meals for everyone involved.

ESSE products take this age-old idea – the stove as the heart and hearth of the home – and apply state-of-the-art design credentials and technologies to it. Innovation wrapped in tradition make these new designs the very best possible version of the idea.

They say the devil is in the details, and these British-designed wood-burning cookers and cookstoves highlight that, with much of the innovation in small changes that erase one of the problems of old – like the weight of a cast-iron door being difficult to manage, or like handles that automatically fasten shut on contact so you’ll never catch yourself on a hot door that’s swung back open.