Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions all references to the seller shall apply to ESSE Wood Fired Cook Stoves North America.

1. General
Any offer made by the seller to the buyer for goods and services is subject to these terms and conditions. Unless otherwise stated in writing by the seller, these conditions shall override any terms or conditions stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the buyer in his order or during negotiations

2. Description of Goods and Services
The seller undertakes to supply the goods and services as specified by the seller at the time this contract is agreed. Any catalogues and descriptive matter provided by the seller to the buyer are of a generally informative nature only and do not form any part of this contract except to the extent expressly incorporated in it. The seller reserves the right to alter specifications with a view to improvements in manufacture and in use.

3. Price Variation
Unless otherwise stated by the seller, prices quoted are valid at the date of this quotation and are subject to any increase in costs of raw materials, labour and any other costs incurred by the seller in supplying the goods between that date and the actual date of delivery.

4. Delivery
All items are quoted bespoke therefore we will contact all customers after their order has been placed to arrange and take payment for delivery. Should the product not be delivered or be delivered damaged please contact ESSE Wood Fired Cook Stoves North America via number provided.

5. Payment
Make your payment directly into our bank account via bank transfer. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.

6. Time of Delivery
Delivery times will be discussed on a per order basis, customers can expect contact from ESSE Wood Fired Cook Stoves North America to discuss this after they have placed and paid for their order. Every endeavour shall be made by the seller to adhere to such times quoted but no liability shall be incurred by the seller. By reason of any delay nor shall the buyer have the right to cancel the order for that reason.

7. Sub-Contracting
The seller reserves the right to subcontract any part of the work required to perform this contract.

8. Consequential Damage
The seller shall not be liable in any circumstances whatsoever to the buyer for any loss, damage or injury to any property or person however caused through the performance of this contract.

9. Failure to Deliver
The seller shall not be responsible for any loss damage or delay caused whether directly or indirectly by strikes, lockouts, combinations of workmen, force majeure, invasion, act of war, or any other circumstance over which the seller has no control.

10. Frustration Clause
The completion of the contract is conditional upon the possibility of its existence. Should the contract become impossible to perform or be commercially frustrated whether directly or indirectly owing to the occurrence of any one or more of the events mentioned in the Failure to Deliver Clause hereof the contract shall thereupon determine. Immediately upon such determination all goods and services supplied or appropriated to the contract shall become chargeable in full to the buyer but subject thereto both the seller and the buyer shall be absolved from all further liability under the contract.

11. Risk and Property
Risk in the goods shall pass to the buyer on delivery.

12. Legal Construction
The contract between the seller and the buyer shall be construed and operate as a contract made in the USA and in conformity with the laws of the USA.

13. Product compliance
Our products have been tested to meet and exceed the latest regulations.